Emden was an instrumental support throughout my pregnancy. From treating morning sickness all the way to induction points on my due date, her expertise and treatment protocols were absolutely amazing – both effective and soothing. I would highly recommend for anyone considering acupuncture throughout their pregnancy!
Nina H.

I highly recommend Green Willow Acupuncture. Emden is so fantastic with my teenage daughter (her first experience with acupuncture). She has improved greatly and now looks forward to her treatments. Rob has helped me with several health issues. Treatments with him kept me from having to get surgery and he has made the most progress with my migraines than any other practitioner or modality in 15 years. Thank you Rob and Emden.
Jen M.

“I’ve been treated by Emden for over a year now— the care she provides is excellent and has become a key tool for me as I continue to manage on-going chronic health issues. In particular, Emden has helped me manage menstrual irregularities, muscle and joint pain, migraines, digestive issues, and mental health difficulties such as anxiety. She is very warm, thoughtful and attentive, and takes time before each appointment to check in about how my body has been feeling, and then proceeds to integrate whatever information I give her into her approach that day. Her comprehensive and holistic approach to healing coupled with her approachable demeanor make Emden truly skilled at her work!

Kieran M.

Emden is an incredible healer and practitioner. She is extremely intuitive and takes the time to meet you where you are at and tailors treatment uniquely to your needs each session. She has great energy that is easy to be around and is extremely professional. I highly recommend seeing Emden!

Katherine F.

Emden at Green Willow Acupuncture has been wonderful to work with. I began seeing her for fertility support. She was thorough and attentive in gathering information to come up with a plan. Miraculously I was pregnant after just two visits with Emden. I have continued seeing her throughout my pregnancy (now 38 weeks) and she has been supportive of each stage. She is knowledgeable of the different stages of pregnancy and symptoms that may be present. She actively listens to any concerns and asks helpful questions to ensure each visit addresses any current symptoms I am experiencing. I have truly felt that Emden’s care has been supportive in assisting with my comfort and well-being during this pregnancy and I plan to continue care post-partum. I would highly recommend Emden to anyone looking for an acupuncturist.
Erin C.

HIGHLY recommend Green Willow Acupuncture. I started receiving treatment from Emden early on in my 1st trimester which helped immensely with headaches, nausea, and overall anxiety. Now in my 3rd trimester, I continue to receive regular treatment which is an incredibly caring and nurturing experience. The space is safe, welcoming, and warm! Thank you Green Willow Acupuncture!
Lexy R.

I found Emden with Green Willow Acupuncture early on in my pregnancy and am SO thankful that I did. Emden is very attentive, listens to my aches and pains, and really addresses my issues. She has really helped me with back pain and insomnia that I have experienced during my pregnancy and I have noticed a big difference since seeing her. Seeing Emden is not only good for my body but my mind as well. Her office is very calming and I always look forward to my hour of relaxation there. Even after my pregnancy, I will continue to see Emden for routine maintenance and “me” time.
K. Crawford

My experience at Green Willow Acupuncture has been truly transformative. Emden is incredibly knowledgeable in bodywork and acupuncture, while also offering insight and expertise in women’s health and wellbeing. I sought out acupuncture to help alleviate intense headaches and anxiety, and after several months of treatment, I am beyond thrilled to report that my headaches have completely dissipated, and anxiety is now at an all-time low. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for the work Emden and her team provide.
Leighton L.

I was skeptical for a number of years when people would recommend acupuncture to me, as it didn’t really seem like something I would be into. After experiencing some physical and emotional responses to a shift in medication and the lingering effects of a dislocated shoulder, I decided to give it a shot and my only regret is not doing it sooner. Not only have the symptoms I’m being treated for drastically improve, but so did my overall health and, most importantly, so did my outlook. I would have described myself as an optimistic person before starting treatment, but I am much more in tune with my body, what I put into it, and how my surroundings impact me now. Emden has done so much for me that I feel like I can’t do her justice in this review. If you are considering acupuncture I highly recommend Emden!
Lauren K.

Whenever I receive treatment at Green Willow Acupuncture, I know that I will leave feeling incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated. Emden takes her time and allows you to fall into a deep state of relaxation where the real healing happens. She is so knowledgeable and present, I feel like she really, really, really cares about her patients. I would highly recommend Green Willow Acupuncture to anyone I know.
Nicolle T.

Emden is awesome! Each visit she takes the time to listen with empathy and approaches her practice with positivity and joy.
Ashley J.

I have been a client at GWA for about 3 years and have experienced consistent top-notch care and service. The ambiance of the office with vibrant plants and thought-provoking decor draws in the calm in preparation for treatment. Emden is highly skilled and discerning, as well as perceptive, which has supported many meaningful sessions addressing pain relief, hormone regulation, immune function, and overall wellness. I appreciate most, the ease of communication and scheduling via text message, and the flexibility to work with my unpredictable schedule.

Emden is a delightful and intuitive practitioner. She is able to address the variety of drastic to subtle issues that result from using my body for life and in pursuit of passions. I’ve been enjoying the benefits of her acupuncture and cupping for years – having shifted to regular maintenance I definitely feel a difference when my calendar doesn’t allow for a regular session. I highly recommend Emden as both a professional and the genuine person that she is.
Mo B.

Such warm and kind people! Have used acupuncture to help me through a lot the last couple of years and I’m so grateful I found this clinic. The atmosphere is one of healing and relaxation, the service is spectacular and the healing is real.
Ariana W.

I’ve gotten care from Emden since last spring. Initially, I went in with an acute back injury that had related soft tissue and nerve issues. Once we got that under control we moved on to address ongoing peri-menopausal issues, chronic lung/bronchial issues, and a host of other minor this-and-that’s. Emden gave me excellent and effective care and was warm, supportive, and caring throughout. She would even take the time to research a question I had and e-mail me articles on the subject. She is a talented and caring practitioner and I happily give her a great recommendation.

I highly praise Emden for her full attention and excellent treatments, for all of my health care needs! Emden’s manner is kind and understanding, with only positive advice (no need to dwell on what a patient could have or should have done in the past). The acupuncture treatments were very effective and Emden offered a home self-treatment plan that made perfect sense. I recommend Emden without hesitation!

I went to see Emden Griffin originally for joint pain during pregnancy, but I ended up getting so much more out of it. My biweekly acupuncture sessions were so relaxing and rejuvenating during a time when I was in pain and having trouble sleeping. Emden was so sweet and accommodating, I couldn’t ask for a better provider!
Rebecca J.

Emden is so great she makes you feel comfortable and talks you through the whole process. She is very caring and you can tell she really wants to help you. I highly recommend going to her for acupuncture. 
Ariel K.

The benefits I receive from getting acupuncture with Emden while pregnant are countless! It has relieved back pain, constipation and the way it relaxes you is better than any massage I’ve had! She is SO gifted and I highly recommend her!!
Chelsea A.

I have had a great experience with Emden. I originally started seeing her to help with morning sickness during the first trimester of my pregnancy – she was super helpful, and is a warm and kind person. Definitely a skilled acupuncturist, I highly recommend!
Hana S.

Emden is an extremely knowledgeable and talented practitioner. I feel confident in her experience and expertise, and I’m grateful to have found her. She has become a valuable part of my healthcare team, and is always professional, kind and helpful. I always leave my treatments feeling so much better than when I arrived.
Erin D.

I’ve had a great experience with Emden at Green Willow Acupuncture doing birth prep acupuncture. She creates a calming and comfortable atmosphere and is very skilled at what she does. She takes time to listen to what’s currently going on and customizes the treatment each week to address it. Very thankful to have added Emden to my prenatal support regimen and highly recommend!
Cassie L.

Green Willow and Emden have been a part of my very long pregnancy journey. Not only has Emden provided the best care and attention through personalized acupuncture treatments, she is a woman who listens and makes her patients feel heard, understood and seen. Some of the only relief I received from my hyperemesis gravidarum symptoms were through her skilled hands and compassionate care. If you deal with morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum or other pregnancy related issues you need to seek acupuncture from Emden. You won’t regret it!
Mary M.


Rob puts me back together again after I injure myself snowboarding or pursing other outside adventures. He’s reduced my pain and sped my healing with his acupuncture. He’s very intuitive in his care. Thanks, Rob!!
James J.

Went to see Rob with terrible pain in my hip. After 4 treatments my pain is completely gone! Rob is a compassionate, professional healer. Wish I would not have waited so long to get my treatment. Thanks so much Rob.
Michael G.

I am a believer! I must admit, I began going to GWA at the request of my wife to treat symptoms of significant stress (lack of sleep, rash on hand, anxiety, etc). I was a bit skeptical but agreed to give it a try. I am now a believer! Rob is nothing short of amazing and I now consider his treatment an absolutely essential part of my overall health. Not only did it help significantly with my overall stress, but he was able to help identify the root source of my hand rash and clear it up where the dermatologist had failed over 6 months of treatment. I highly recommend it to anyone considering acupuncture as a part of your overall health and wellness.
Patrick D.

I went to see Rob for severe neck pain and headaches I have been suffering from for over 1 year. I discussed my issues with Rob and he listened to me and told me I can help you. I woke up the next day – no headache – no neck pain. I felt great. I have not taken any Aleve in over a week. If you have any pain issues and are tired of taking pain medication I highly recommend Rob at Green Willow Acupuncture.
Diana A.

My first appointment was great. Rob Mills was great. He got me an honest evaluation and I really appreciate that.
Jazzwinder A.

Rob Mills is amazing. My boyfriend couldn’t even stand up when we got to him. We tried a chiropractor that was getting him nowhere in relief or healing and found Rob with help from a friend. He gave him some instant relief and the knowledge to help him help himself. He is there 100% just for your well being. He was an amazing healer and educator with my boyfriend’s back issues. We left with a better understanding of why his back was in the amount of pain it was and gave us the proper steps to take to keep it from happening again in the future. I more than highly recommend him.
Shenoah S.

I had chronic pain in my shoulder blade that would not quit. One awesome treatment here and I felt tremendous relief. They gave me suggestions on future exercises and strategies as well to reduce pain in the future, and it’s been way better. Highly recommend this place.
John P.

I went to see Rob a week ago with severe lower back pain, making it hard to even walk into his office. Upon leaving my first treatment, Rob had already helped halt the spasming I was experiencing and I was able to walk out feeling sore rather than excruciating pain. From that day forward, my back kept feeling better. My follow up yesterday went great as well and seemed to loosen the last bit of soreness I was having. This was my first acupuncture experience and I will be spreading the good word to whoever will listen. Thank you!
Troy S.

I feel extremely fortunate to have found Rob and Emden! Both are practitioners with great knowledge of Eastern Medicine/Acupuncture and know how to meet and offer support for the individual who seeks their care. I feel comforted just entering the waiting room and great ease and respite as I am listened to and met as I share my concerns. I always leave my treatment more knowledgeable about how I can meet my pain/sickness and more relaxed because I allowed myself to be cared for.
Ida C.

WOW! I have been going to get acupuncture and healing treatments for probably 10 years at this point, and today was nothing short of a MIRACLE! I’ve been suffering from Sciatic nerve pain (super intense and uncomfortable) and within 30 minutes 50% of my pain was gone and I could sit and stand with comfort. Please go here, you are only doing yourself a favor. Thank You 🙏
Brandon H.

They offer affordable acupuncture and massage and the services are stellar! I’ve had multipleissues drastically improved by acupuncture. Very knowledgeable and professional staff.
Meredith W.

Very positive experience. Rob Mills listened to me talk about the medical issues I had been dealing with, had a plan to address them, and reviewed how I was feeling immediately after treatment. It was nice to hear his positivity at our initial treatment- that he had experience treating these symptoms and had previous success at treating them. He asked how I was feeling right after the acupuncture, expecting immediate results and most often receiving them. After my first, unsuccessful acupuncture experience at another provider, I came in skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised at the relief I experienced needing only a handful of treatments. Recommended.
Abe H.

This review is long overdue for Rob Mills. I have been receiving acupuncture & herbal medicine from him for several years. He has helped me through many ailments, most notably my recent ankle injury. A few months ago I increased my physical activity & added some jumping exercises. This resulted in extreme pain & decreased range of motion in my left ankle. Walking and standing became very challenging. The first time this happened I waited a while before I received acupuncture. The pain was resolved in one treatment. The second time I injured myself, I received treatment from Rob within a few days and the next morning I woke up, again, pain free. I have now returned to my normal exercise routine & incorporated the stretches and exercises he gave me. Thank you so much for the pain relief & for getting me back on my feet. I highly recommend Rob Mills for your healthcare needs!
Rose M.

Rob is not only a highly skilled healer but a deeply caring person. So much of the healing experience for me is being heard and understood in terms of my maladies. Rob is a great listener. He asks questions to confirm understanding.
Ultimately, his approach demonstrates an immediate improvement (by identifying areas of concern and finding pain or tightness and then AFTER inserting needles the pain/tightness is gone).
I had multiple life crises over the 3 years of working with Rob and he has such capacity to allow and encourage feelings. He is one of my most respected all time health practitioners and all around superb human!

Kerry R.

Rob is an incredible practitioner! His knowledge and wisdom show up throughout each treatment and I always walk away feeling so grateful to have had the experience.
Bailey S.