Allergies and Asthma


For many, Central Oregon can be a challenging place from a respiratory health perspective. There is a joke that there are two types of people here: ones that have allergies and those that will have allergies!

From March through September and October, there is a cycle of blooming plants that cause people to suffer, causing a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, and skin rash, among other symptoms. Environmental allergies are not helped by the low relative humidity that dries out the mucus membranes of our upper respiratory tracts and allows pollen and dust to enter into our lungs.

Allergies and asthma are complex conditions rooted in an inappropriate immune response to the environment around us. Discovering and treating the reasons for this response is our focus. We take a comprehensive approach to treating these problems and have had great success in helping our patients live a more comfortable life in this beautiful part of Oregon.