The Link Between Health and Hydration

The importance of hydration for health is widely understood. However, most of us don’t realize that proper hydration goes beyond simply drinking enough water regularly. Hydration is the foundation of our immune system and our ability to resist disease and overcome it. In these times of global pandemic, being well hydrated may be one of […]

Yin, Yang, and Sleep: How Balance is Critical to Health

Yin and Yang are two energetic states that make up a spectrum of energy in the natural world (on a macro scale) and in our bodies (on a micro scale). They are two aspects of an energetic continuum that balance one another out. Yin is contraction, cooling, and restorative. Yang is expansive, warming, and energetic. […]

Coffee: Friend or Foe Part III

Coffee is a medicinal substance, and its effects are powerful. In the first two posts of this series, I outlined what it is, what energetics coffee has, and how it affects the body. Now I would like to present a mini guide for how coffee can be used appropriately to experience its benefits and avoid […]

Coffee: Friend or Foe Part II

The main reason people love coffee is for it’s uplifting, energizing, and mind clearing abilities, but what about the side effects? And how much is enough? As mentioned in part one of this post, coffee is a medicinal substance, not a food, and as such should be enjoyed in moderation based on an individual’s age, […]

Coffee: Friend or Foe Part I

I ask nearly every patient that I see about whether or not they use coffee because it is a powerful substance that can have profound effects, both good and bad. I take the time to educate people about its pros and cons as it is a hot topic of much debate in the media and […]

Welcoming Food, by Andrew Sterman

There is a new book series on dietetics that I absolutely love and would like to share. “Welcoming Food,” by Andrew Sterman, is a title that I will have on my bookshelf for the rest of my life and will turn to again and again. I think it will take its place among the modern classics […]